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Escondido Property Management

Professionally helping our clients buy, sell and manage Residential Real Estate.

Why Francis Taylor Properties?

At Francis Taylor, our client-orientated business model is designed to provide you with the highest quality of services for your residential property. Whether it’s real estate, property management, leasing, etc., we’re here to help!

Living and working in North San Diego County, we understand the local market and follow all real estate trends carefully. Our focus is on residential properties. Whether you have a single family home, a condo, or a townhome, we have the experience and the expertise to help you buy, sell and/or manage your residential property to achieve your highest Return on Investment.

We know that being a property owner can be stressful, especially in California, where there are constantly changing laws and regulations. We make buying, selling and/or owning residential property easy for you. When you partner with us, we know you will have a happy and profitable experience as a successful property owner. Leave all the tenants, toilets and troubles to us!

How much rent can you get for your investment?

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Why Employ a Property Manager?

Short Answer: You’ll be more profitable and you’ll have a better quality of life!

It’s simple, you want to hire us as your property manager because we’ll make you more money, and we’ll improve your quality of life. With a qualified property manager like Francis Taylor Properties, we’ll make you more money through providing higher occupancy rates, consistently renting your property at market rates, decreasing your cost of maintenance, and reducing your overall financial risk. Leave the toilets, tenants, and troubles to us!

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Why Hire Francis Taylor Properties

Why Should I Use Francis Taylor Properties?

Let us customize a plan for you. We know that not all owners are the same, and every property is different. Tell us your goals and your plans, and your level of comfort with being a landlord. We’ll put together a customized leasing and management plan that not only meets your needs – but exceeds your expectations. Our careful understanding of what you expect and want will allow us to rent your home quickly and help you save money on things like maintenance, vacancies, and tenant turnovers.

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Escondido Property Management Blog

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